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  • Name: WT2-20M twin M7MI movable eco interlocking brick machine
  • Number: WT2-20M


Product Description

  The SUPER M7MI is the latest development  ,boasting an improvement of over 45% in production. The 

minimum daily production of 2200 blocks is equal to 45,000 blocks per month that could produce nine 50m²

houses. The SUPER M7MI  is an upgrade to the M7MI machine and retains its key features; an integrated

pan mixer, diesel engine, all fitted on a mobile frame. The machine is the ideal solution for projects where the

machine can be easily moved from site to site and the blocks produced as required.

WT1-20M SUPER M7MI interlocking block machine advantage

1>M7MI type
2>Diesel engine as power
3>Factory for sale for 21 years

4>Super hydraulic pressure

5>Using soil, clay material, cheap cost

6>Double hopper, more capacity, higher effeiciency

WT1-20M SUPER M7MI interlocking block machine parameter

Overall size


Shaping cycle

20 seconds


5.5 KW 


18 Hp diesel engine



Total weight

1200 KGS


WT1-20M SUPER M7MI interlocking block machine capacity


No.                              Block Size                    Piece/mould            pieces/hour               pieces/day

1 230*220*110mm




2 230*140*110mm 1



3 230*230*115mm 1 200-250 1600-2400


Product Display

M7MI block making machines hydraulically compress soil that contains a small amount of clay and silt mixed

with cement into soil cement blocks. When cured, the blocks can be dry-stacked with no mortar. soil cement

interlocking blocks lock front and back, top and bottom so each block is dry stacked and locked into place.

The unique dry-stacking building system uses mortar in the first few courses and the top 3-4 courses. The rest

of the super structure is dry-stacked representing significant savings in time and construction costs. M7MI

machines are ideal for remote sites where transport, cement and sand costs are high. They're also an eco-

friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional cement brick and block machines. M7MI machines are also

available in diesel or electrical options.




 Bricks made by WT2-20M





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